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Analytical Report List - A list of Analysis Reports as well as a list of every available report and screen in the system.

Regiment Lookup - Regiments listed by state, providing access to individual regiment information such as casualty analyses, experience charts, rosters and histories.

Regimental Dynamics - Regimental statistics for comparative purposes searchable by state, regiment type and enlistment time.

Battle Directory - Obtain battle statistics from our database and battle synopses.

Battle Order Directory - Battle Order and Reports for both Union and Confederate forces. Currently covers Shiloh, Antietam and Gettysburg.

Personnel Directory - Access to over 4.2 million officers and enlisted men of the Civil War, their war histories, battles, personnel histories, and information (when possible) about the town they came from and the units they fought in. In some cases indicies to pension records are available.

Photo Directory - Access to the soldiers for whom we have a photograph.

Generals Directory - Access to the General officer database. Contains personnel who attained a rank of Brigadier General or higher. Profiles and pictures for many are available. All other officers are in the Personnel Directory.

Medal of Honor Soldiers - Access to the soldiers in the Database that were awarded the Medal of Honor. Stories about some of these soldiers are also available. (Source: Deeds of Valor)

Roll of Honor Soldiers - Access to the Union soldiers in the Database that appear in the U.S. Quartermaster's Department Roll of Honor and can be identified as such.

The flag or State icon shown in the upper left corner is used to narrow your search on many of our pages. Click on it to change it to a different state or region. WARNING - your browser is not set correctly if there is no flag or State icon on your screen.

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