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To identify the Massachusetts regiments with the high desertion rates we use a Massachusetts 'Regimental Dynamics' chart.

The 'Regimental Dynamics' chart, available by state or Army, shows the count, percentage of regiment, the weighted average, and the names of each soldier by method of entering and leaving the military (for the categories above). This type of chart is available by regiment type (infantry, cavalry, etc) and length of service (30 days, 3 months, 100 days, etc). The 'all Massachusetts units' chart above sorted by desertion rate shows that there were 8,726 men who deserted from Massachusetts regiments, that the average Massachusetts' regiment had 7.37% of their soldiers desert, and that the 12th Light Artillery had the highest desertion rate for any Massachusetts regiment. To try to understand why this unit had such a high desertion rate we proceed to the next page.

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