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To help uncover the 'why' to our question of desertion rate we can examine the companion charts:

  • Regimental Assignment Chart - lists by time period the regiment's command assignments
  • Regimental Casualty Chart - lists by date and place each documented regimental engagement and the number of soldiers and/or name of each soldier killed, wounded, taken prisoner, or missing
  • Regimental Roster - sort by out method to see if there was a date or place pattern for the desertions
  • Regimental History - a brief narrative about the regiment
From this additional information it may be possible to hypothesize the 'why' and plan further research to validate our hypothesis.

Examples of a Regimental Assignment, Casualty, and Roster chart as well as a regimental history can be found in the Regimental Tour of this demonstration.

We will now proceed to other graphs within the system.